The Master Molecule

Published studies are now showing the breakthrough benefits of this amazing gift from the hops flower.

For nearly 1,000 years hops have been used in beer for taste, and as an ancient antibacterial with other medicinal benefits. Since the late 1900’s, studies have been undertaken to show just how powerful this tiny hops extract can be to help minimize the risk of disease.

In seven of the latest studies, the most current being from the Netherlands in 2009, some of the mechanisms of action/targets include:

Hops flowers
Eye Health
Blood Pressure
Cell Proliferation
Oxidative Stress
Botanical ChemoPrevention
Metabolic Stress
Oral Health
NK Kappa B
Prostate Health
Phase II Enzymes
Breast Health
MMP-2 & MMP-9


We all want to stay well. For most of us, that means preventing the master switches in the body (such as NF Kappa B) from turning on a cascade of disease-initiating enzyme systems that churn out toxic compounds causing disease.

Chronic consumption of fatty foods, sugars, and toxins from the environment will result in switching on the body’s regulators. Keeping these systems suppressed is the primary prevention strategy until such time as the public makes better food choices.

A really accurate title for the patented isohumulone compound is “Antidote to Metabolic Stress.”  The actual compound* is derived from the hops blossom and acts at the molecular level to lower metabolic stress.

The Liver is typically the first organ that sees toxins and attempts to metabolize them. Toxins can be metabolized into more dangerous compounds if left in the body. Isohumulones affect certain enzymes located in the liver called Phase I and Phase II enzymes. Isohumulones modulate these enzymes, helping to remove the toxic carcinogens from the body. This is accomplished by making the compounds water soluble so they are easily excreted from the body, thereby helping to purify the liver and the body.

Isohumulones also have the ability to metabolize fats out of the liver. Studies show this results in a reduction in visceral fats, long known to be a leading health indicator. Removing fats from the liver caused by diet or alcohol can help reduce fatty liver disease and allow the liver to perform it tasks more effectively.

NF Kappa B, known as the bad regulator, controls over 400 genes in the body associated with poor health. Resveratrol is used as an antioxidant due to its ability to help regulate this switch. Isohumulones are more effective then resveratrol in modulating this switch, keeping these genes under control by regulating their transcription.

Dozens of studies, PCR Analysis of gene expression, extensive genetic data, animal and human clinical trials, extensive cell line data, seven published papers, and consumer safety studies, all lend this to be one of the health breakthroughs of our generation. 

Take a few minutes to read some of the studies on this site, as well as the interesting articles written with the ‘non-medical’ reader in mind. It will be time well spent.


*Trade name Isohumol, patents #7,144,599, #8,071,136, and patents pending